Wearable Technology White Paper

" Intimacy Black " by  Studio Roosegaarte  is licensed under  CC BY 2.0  - no changes made.

"Intimacy Black" by Studio Roosegaarte is licensed under CC BY 2.0 - no changes made.

Wearable technology has been front and center in the fashion industry in the last couple of years.  The concept of wearing functional objects is not new, however, nor is it revolutionary.  In the 16th century, watchmaker Peter Henlein designed a portable clock (you can learn more about him here).  Now, we have smart glasses, watches and fitness gear that tell us what our heart rate is, whether we need to drink water, where we need to go, and how much we need to eat.  What is different is that the fashion industry has taken a keen interest in wearables in the last couple of years.  The marriage of aesthetics with technology is fascinating for the public and thrilling for the wearer.  But as with any new tech trend, there are some significant legal implications.

Medenica Law has recently issued a White Paper on the topic of Wearable Technology in the Fashion Industry that touches upon many of these legal issues.  This includes privacy, employment and intellectual property.  Many thanks to Perri Michael, Tiffany Pho, Anna Radke, and Elisabeth Schiffbauer in putting this White Paper together. 

You can read the White Paper here.